Textiles & Care


The Basics of Care

In this segment we will address questions we have received from you guys, on how to properly care for your PRAISE garment after purchase. We will also talk about general tips to make your next washing cycle more environmentally conscious.
Before a PRAISE garment reaches you, it underwent a long and thoughtful process. The collective work across time zones makes each garment a tangible piece.
Before we continue, we want to bring some attention to something we forget very easily; the amount of hands that our clothing touches before making it to its end use. Hours of labor, myriad machines, and lots of quality control take place prior to homing our garments. Being reminded of this extensive process should translate to how we care about them. A sense of proud ownership that can only come from loving our wardrobe and our planet. This is just one of the basics of care.
After the creation experience, the garments continue to make an environmental impact when washed, dried, and ironed. So, we want to make sure our PRAISE fans embrace our suggestions and make them part of their new world lifestyle in order to minimize the environmental impact of after purchase care. Following our tips will also assure that your garment lasts as long as possible giving it all purpose and ultimately, conclude the garment lifecycle.
You have already made a decision with your wallet to purchase a piece that lasts longer than your average fast fashion item. You invested in a more durable, meticulously constructed garment. This in itself is a step towards helping the planet.
Now, down to the dirty bit.



Conscious Washing

PRAISE encourages you to only wash our garments (and all garments) when needed. Double check if airing out the garment, brushing it, or spot cleaning will do the job. This is an eco friendly initiative to keep in mind at all times. Plus on the upside, it keeps the laundry pile under control. Less water use, plus less folding? That’s a double victory right there!

If Wash You Must

If your curated PRAISE piece is on the darker side of the spectrum, please wash with like colors. Cold water will do just fine. This way you will avoid unwanted color transfers between your clothes. As for lighter color garments, follow the same washing procedure with like colors.
In order to avoid shrinkage and maintain optimal softness after wash, always lay down flat to air dry. If you must put it in the dryer, do so in the lowest heat setting and use your dryer's sensor to avoid over drying the garment. This will keep it as soft as possible.
Air drying is a great alternative for keeping all your clothes pristine as well as energy saving.
If you have selected a garment from our cotton-based textile line, please note this garment has undergone a regimen to obtain the mineral, faded, and/or ombre wash you have on hand. With that said, each wash will make your garment even more unique by causing mild fading. Same as that pair of jeans that only get better the more you wash and wear. 
As a last tip, we encourage you to choose a delicate detergent that is less damaging to the environment. We will do our best to continue to improve our production methods, so hopefully this inspires you to make small changes that can have great impact for the planet.

One person can and does make a difference.


If you have selected an active garment:

All our active pieces have tech properties. In order to keep these functioning through the lifespan of the garment, please wash in cold water with like colors. A delicate or active cycle will be best suited for these items. Never use fabric softeners because they affect how the tech properties perform on fabrics.