Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRAISE for men or women?

We are a unisex brand. Every item you see on the website can be worn by anyone.


What size should I get?

Please refer to our size chart, otherwise please DM us for questions.

Do you restock?

We work on first come first served basis. We will improve and update products as we go. We may restock, but generally, we do not.

Why don’t you have all sizes in every item?

As we get your feedback and demand, we will relook at our sizing to better fit you in PRAISE.


What do I do with the hang tag attached to my item?

Please remove before wash. You may wear it on your garment, or as a keychain. Use it anywhere you like.


How do I wash my product?

Please refer to the section TEXTILES + CARE for more information.

I haven’t received my package but I have a tracking number. What do I do?

We try to prepare your order as soon as soon as we receive it, however, shipping companies are currently overwhelmed with demand. If your order has a delay, please be patient, but do make sure to contact us if need be. We will be glad to help.


Who should I contact for wholesale inquiries?

Please email for additional information.