The Drop: Bleached Punk


Welcome to Bleached Punk.

A state of mind we have been exploring at PRAISE.


Since the brand’s birth back in 2016 there has been a rebellious aspect to its existence. PRAISE’s dire need to be a vision to the running world that is missing, has fuelled its purpose: To deliver an attitude that crosses the world of sport, discipline, and fashion.


Many questions have been asked, points have been made, and tons of material has been read. But how did we really get to the root of this mindset of punk?


The spirit of punk is something that continues to timelessly transcend through the decades. The human necessity to challenge and to question, very much captures what being a punk in the modern world entails.


As a brand, point of view, and life motto, PRAISE lives by its own politics.


Only way for us to be, is to be ourselves without really caring what the others are doing, and who they are doing it for. We do it for us. We do it because no well behaved anything ever made history.


If we live by our own code, we hope you feel the same while you wear our clothes.


Can’t compromise. Won’t either.