About Us


PRAISE is a Montréal Run & Après Run brand founded in 2016. Each drop tells the story of why we run. Created by runners and creatives who blended lifestyle with a signature aesthetic.
Meet the unisex, hybrid wardrobe that will change your definition of active. Because being a runner doesn’t stop with any activity, nor any day.




Patrick Elkaim started casually running in 2008, but it wasn’t until his first half marathon in 2009 that he became a devout runner. Patrick ran The Ottawa Marathon in 2010, New York in 2010 and 2011, Chicago in 2016, and Boston in 2018.
Although the ran marathons are impressive milestones, they would mean nothing without the journey leading up to them. Casual runs with the crew never short of laughs and post run coffees or beers, have been essential components to all his achievements.
PRAISE was founded by Patrick in 2016. His background in various areas of the fashion industry made the birth of PRAISE inevitable. Merging two passions into his own brand, PRAISE has evolved into a collective that revolves around running yet speaks beyond the fashion industry. Every single product goes through testing by Patrick’s own use on and off the track. His analytical yet inventive nature has also shaped the culture of what PRAISE is today.