PRAISE + 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization that came about from the founders’ love of the outdoors. The company has been stablished since 2002 and as of 2019, 1% for the Planet has over 3,000 business partners across 90 countries*.

PRAISE is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet. There are multiple reasons why we have chosen 1% for the Planet and we think you should know also since a portion of your purchases goes towards this organization.


  1. As a non-profit, 1% for the Planet doesn’t only focus on one area of environmental change. In 2019 they gave 27.1 million to non-profits focusing on Climate, Land, Water, Food, Wildlife, and Pollution (listed in order of greatest to least fund distributed.)

  2. Businesses and individuals can be members alike. Businesses can focus on giving a percentage of their profits, and both can offer volunteering as part of being a partner of 1%.

  3. 1% for the Planet researches each non-profit to make sure every dollar makes on-the-ground change.

  4. The organization is transparent about where its funding goes to. Each year a report is published on their website that includes the Year in Review, metrics, and non-profit spotlight.


These are points we look for when partnering up. We know our contributions and partnerships will grow as PRAISE evolves but, for now, we choose 1% for the Planet to open this path for us.


With love,