Special Thanks

It’s hard to explain how much work goes behind the scenes. The time we take to second guess ourselves seems like a never ending cycle; but, when you work with a team that creates solutions rather than digging at the problems, we are able to conceptualize something beautiful.

To the immediate team who endlessly participates in the brand, thank you. The work does not end when we leave the PRAISE headquarters, but that is a commitment that can only come from believing in what you do. 

To the Founder, P.E., thank you for challenging us to make something better and better everyday. To our Production Manager Izzy, you know that title does not do justice to your work, precision, and creativity, but "Everything Bagel" just seems unprofessional on a business email signature. To the Creative Director, Garcia... you’re ok.

For extended members of the PRAISE family, thank you for your support!

Starting with our talented photographers, Sixteen Pads and Ray. Your brilliant vision has elevated our brand. To our models JP, Serena, and Myles, you made it all come to life. 

This whole journey has been an unforgettable process and we hope when you look at this you see the beginning of something beautiful.

Stay active, stay positive. Go run!

With love from PRAISE.