General Information

PRAISE + 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization that came about from the founders’ love of the outdoors. The company has been stablished since 2002 and as of 2019, 1% for the Planet has over 3,000 business partners across 90 countries*. PRAISE is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet. There are multiple reasons why we have chosen 1% for the Planet and we think you should know also since a portion of your purchases goes towards this organization.   As a non-profit, 1% for the Planet doesn’t only focus on one area of environmental change. In 2019 they gave...

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Textiles & Care

  The Basics of Care In this segment we will address questions we have received from you guys, on how to properly care for your PRAISE garment after purchase. We will also talk about general tips to make your next washing cycle more environmentally conscious.   Before a PRAISE garment reaches you, it underwent a long and thoughtful process. The collective work across time zones makes each garment a tangible piece.   Before we continue, we want to bring some attention to something we forget very easily; the amount of hands that our clothing touches before making it to its end use. Hours of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PRAISE for men or women? We are a unisex brand. Every item you see on the website can be worn by anyone.   What size should I get? Please refer to our size chart, otherwise please DM us for questions. Do you restock? We work on first come first served basis. We will improve and update products as we go. We may restock, but generally, we do not. Why don’t you have all sizes in every item? As we get your feedback and demand, we will relook at our sizing to better fit you in PRAISE.   What do I...

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